5 Steps Treat.

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5 Steps Treat.

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Today,I will talk about stress.As we all know what it’s like to feel stressed-being under pressure has been a normal life emotion,BUT becoming overwhelmed by stress can lead to mental health issues and can make the things even worse.As,this pandemic COVID-19 have changed many lives or as if i say several .The reason why am I talking about Stress is,being quarantined I have been noticing many people taking daily life stress on to the next level.Lets,discuss how to deal with your daily life stress and share some relaxing and recharging tips.

First of all,for all the parents out there!As every child has different ways to distract minds into productive activities,there are loads of activities in which children can take part!Like if you read books to them,play some indoor games or sports activity can also be done.Whereas,many kids these days don’t know about the importance of house chore.This is the best time to teach kids how to cook/bake/clean.Spend time with them as much as you can,keep them engaged by building the care instinct for the living beings create interesting activities regarding the curriculum.

HOW MANY OF YOU WAKE UP EARLY AND EXERCISE?Starting your day with some meditation and physical activities can keep you away from stress.One of the greatest ways to relieve stress is through the exercises be it yoga or it can be cardio.Whether,this is through a vigorous workout or by participating in sports,you will find out how your body movement is helps you to literally sweat off you entire tension.

Get out of your rooms,sit with your family,keep the doors and windows open,let the fresh air touch your skin.Leave the place where you are sitting or resting in order to re-energize .Spend time with your pet if you have any.Spend some time thinking about something productive.Something exciting?Something that you have never tried out at home?Like boys washing the clothes?HAHA or girls fixing the broken machines

I request you all to keep your schedule strict .Your working hours should be fixed,have your food with your family and get back to work.Once your working hours are finished,you must shut your laptops and relax.Don’t engage yourself into work for 18 hours .Spend time with your family,play with children,help your spouses in house chores.Divert your mind from once your working hours are over.YOU CAN EITHER DEAL WITH STRESS OR STRESS DEALS WITH YOU,THE CHOICE IS YOURS.Relax a little and try to kicking the stress out of your life instead of letting it inn.



So,what is Obesity and Weight?

More people are over weight today than ever before.They both are defined as, abnormal,extra or excessive fat accumulation that may worsen the health.Whereas,BMI which stands for Body Mass Index is a simple index of weight-for-height that is commonly used to identify the over weighted and obesity in adults and children.


Overweight is a BMI greater than or equal to 25, and Obesity is a BMI greater than or equal to 30.


Over-weight is a BMI-for-age greater than 1 standard deviation,Obesity is greater than 2 standard deviation.

What is the difference between being overweight and being obese?

Well,both are used to identify the people who are at top risk of health problems from having loads of fat quantity in their bodies.Everyone needs some body fat for energy,heat insulation and some other functions.But having a lot of fat may leads to the serious problems.The more fat you have in your body,the greater your risk for diabetes,kidney,blood pressure and other symptoms.By over eating people can become over weight or obese more calories than they burn up,Some things that may lead to this imbalance includes:

1-Lack of exercise

2-Consuming poor diet

3-Oversized meal portions

4-Negative emotions like boredom,sadness,or anger which may influence your eating habits

What should you do if you’re being over weight or obese?

Firstly,speak to your doctor about a weight loss program or about a proper diet that is appropriate for you.Apart from this a diet can also be done to reduce the weight.A steady weight loss of about one pound a week is the safest and easiest way to reduce weight.Regular exercise which includes swimming,brisk walking,running or whatever other activity you may like can be done to over come the weight problem.In fact meditations can also done and this can keep you stress-free and tension free as well.Also an eating chart or a dietary chart can be made in which you can record all your calories and eating portions.By doing all this we can over come with all these problems and can surely live a healthy and active life!


Depression: it's a word we use a lot, but what exactly is it?


This lock down is extra harsh on your mental health when you are an over thinker who constantly needs distractions to not feel sad OR upset.Agreed right?I really cannot stand the words”GET OVER IT”. All of us are under such pressure to put our problems in the past.Slow down.Don’t allow other to hurry your healing.It is a process,one that may take years occasionally,even yes a lifetime and that’s totally fine.

You don’t have to be positive all the time,its okay to over think,its okay to feel sad,its okay to feel angry,its okay to feel scared and anxious.People do involved in anger,depression,anxiety,infection fears,boredom,inadequate information,financial loss and in so many other things specially in this longer quarantine duration~BUT quarantining yourself at home can play a vital role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and it does not mean that coping with the disruption in your normal routine is easy.So,yes TAKING CARE OF YOUR MENTAL HEALTH IS VERY ESSENTIAL,even if you are in quarantine.

Here are some few tips to overcome your mental illness:- and to say bye bye to it !


This point is way too hard,and its hard for me as well BUT maybe you might not always able to change what happen in your life everyday BUT you can change the way you see things happening .You may change your perception and can bring it to the positive side just to see things happening in a good manner and can push all the negative energies from your side but doing this.Although,Positive psychology has good evidence on mental well-being.


Physical exercise is an effective means of coping with mental stress.You can also do yoga OR some meditation just to keep your mind and nerves relax and tension free.Whereas,exercise releases the endorphins in your brain,physical activity and helps to relax the muscles.When you will feel good,so do your mind as well.


Keep doing what you love and what interest you have in things and keep doing your favorite hobbies LIKE:PLAY INDOOR GAMES WITH YOUR FAMILY,BAKE SOMETHING OR COOK ,DO CLEAN YOUR HOME,READ INTERESTING NOVELS AND OTHER BOOKS.Keep yourself motivated through out the day,keep your limbs and brain active.


Skin Care with Natural Diy's.


Basic morning routine we should do for healthy glowing skin every men or women wants healthy beautifull skin if you want beautifull glowing and spotless skin here is your magical morning routine with natural diy’s clean with all chemical products.

Start your day with natural morning routine.

First Step : Cleansing

Second Step : Facewash

Third step : Toner

Fourth step :Daycream


Cleanse your face with raw milk why raw milk ? raw milk rich in vitamins and it will nourish and mousturize your skin and cleanse your skin deeply it will remove all the dirt , acne , clogged pores, and lighten your skin day by day take one spoon of raw milk use with cotton ball and dab all over your face and massage gently .


Wash your face with gramflour , gramflour is not only a very healthy dietary ingredient but also an amazing natural beauty essential it is widely used in skincare treatments gamflour has been used as a natural face cleanser to keep breakouts, marks and blemishes away if you are dont want your skin to be harm with chemical products then use gramflous as a facewash mix one tablespoon of gramflour with water and use as a facewash .


Facial toner is important to soften, tighten and brighten your skin,and roswater is natural treat to tone your skin rosewater has soothing poperties and it is not harmfull it is chemical free spray rosewater all over your face and get glowing skin.


Vitamin e and aloevera both have one similar property they have natural skin sun protection property,vitamin e is a skin friendly vitamin , its have properties to get rid of your skin problems like finelines ,wrinkles ,and also avoiding direct sun exposure , and same aloevera is a natural ingredient and it has so many benefits but one similar thing is .it is soothes your skin and protect your skin from any kind of sunburn damaged make a cream for your daily use mix both of thing vitamin e and aloevera and apply on your skin its your daycream .

These are simple natural home remedies free from anykind of chemicals and costly products use for your everyday morning routine and get spotless,beautifull,healthy skin .


Tik Tok Stars

Areeqa Haq

The famous Pakistani Tiktoker Areeqa Haq.She was born on 19 August 1996 in Pakistan and her age is 23.Her hometown is Karachi.Her zodiac sign is Libra.She’s from Muslim family.She make most of her money from Tiktok.In very shot period of time she achieved success from her acting and beauty.She also have her own youtube channel which has 7.25k subscribers and she got millions of fans on Instagram and Tiktok.She started her journey by making videos on Tiktok.She earns 1 to 2 lakhs from Tiktok and Instagram. Now a days she become more popular by giving interviews on different channels.She has a sister named Bareeka Haq who helps her in making TikTok videos.

Shes very popular on social media like Instagram and Facebook.

She has 4 million followers on TikTok and 945k followers on Instagram.

2. Jannat Mirza

Are you eager to know about the latest trends of entertainment in Pakistan? If so, you’re at the right place. Nowadays the sense of entertainment of lots of people has gone very wide. So they always look for new and interesting ways of fun that bring pleasure and liveliness to great extent.

Coming to tik tok its an app which is booming in Pakistan as well so today I will share about Jannat Mirza.

She’s one of the famous Tiktoker in Pakistan.She post funny and stylish videos on TikTok.She was born in Faislabad.She has 3.2 million followers on TikTok.She’s a model as well.She’s very beautiful and has elegant looks.Her real name is Jannat Mirza.Her born day is14 August 1997.She’s Muslim.Her main hobbies are Swimming,Making Tiktok videos and Traveling.She’s about 22 years old.Her zodiac sign is Leo.She’s pretty popular on Instagram and Facebook.Also she’s an undergraduate student.So,this was the end of my today’s tik toker

Her father name is Anjum Mirza and her sister name is Alishba Anjum.She’s also a Tiktoker.Apart from this her marital status is unmarried and she’s single and don’t share her personal info publicly.She used to earn income from paid advertisements